What is Church? Starting from Scratch.

Recently our family studied through the gospel of John together in an effort to better know Jesus.  Not just know about Jesus, but really know Him.  What we discovered in that roughly two month journey was that much of what we thought we knew about Jesus was, in fact, more a creation of our American church experiences and biases than it was a reflection of the Jesus revealed to us in the Bible.  Our study was thrilling and scary and life changing.

Our next endeavor is to read together through the Book of Acts with the same fundamental disposition, i.e. to read it as if we were on a deserted island with nothing but the Good Book and ourselves; no preconceived notions, no religious bias or baggage, just reading it for what it says, with two goals:

  • To understand what things characterized the early Church, and
  • Through knowing the early Church, to better know Jesus as His life was made manifest by those who corporately followed Him

We are just starting on this journey but look forward to sharing our thoughts here.  We invite you to join us and share your thoughts as well.  We plan to read and dissect a chapter about every one to two days.

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1 Response to What is Church? Starting from Scratch.

  1. david king says:

    The book of Acts is a wonderful book to study. it is very important and pivotal. It could be likened as a bridge between the gospels and the epistles. It’s the place where the church started, in chapter 2. It’s the only book where people are being saved/born again ! It’s the exciting book where we can see how powerful they were thru the power of prayer,and the Holy Ghost,and using the Name of Jesus !

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