Why a blog?

I’ve been wanting to write a book for years, I’m just not sure I’m disciplined enough, or have enough spare time, to do it.  I’ve probably started or written chapters to ten different books over the years, including outlines and titles and lots of notes about things I wanted to write.  But I’ve never actually gotten around to writing a book.  So, much as I resisted this for years, and much as I’ve generally been against it, I decided to do something and write a blog. At a minimum I hope it will be a creative outlet for the thoughts and ideas and dreams that God brings to bear on my mind and heart.  And if somewhere along the way it proves helpful to someone other than me, I would genuinely be thrilled.

My intent is not to be overly critical or analytic of the things I write lest I be paralyzed and never actually get an idea into words.  My desire is expression, and in expression, growth and ministry.  I hope that will be accomplished here.  May God bless this blog and be glorified in it.

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