We wanted to let everyone know that Cosette and Tess are in a production of the Sound of Music at the Bristol Paramount Theater on July 18th in the evening around 8pm.

Keep in mind, this isn’t professional theater, but the kids do well especially given the relatively short time they have to pull together the performances.   The Barter theater uses these programs to help youth develop greater speaking skills and confidence in group settings.  There are often kids there that don’t have much or any previous experience, but our girls have learned a lot and done very well in past performances.

Tess is playing the  role of Maria and she and Cosette will have opportunity to sing some duets together. I’m sure it would be an encouragement for them to see some familiar faces in the audience and we would certainly love to have you join us.

Tickets are $5 per person and can be purchased at the box office just prior to the show.  There are other plays running all day done by other children and the $5 entry ticket allows all day entrance to all the shows that usually begin around 3 pm.

Let us know if you plan on coming and we’ll look for you or save you some seats.

About andreamoormans

I was raised to be an independent, strong-willed woman. My earthly father prepared me for life by sending me to the best schools. I attended Wellesley College, the same school Hillary Clinton and a host of prominent women attended. Gloria Steinem spoke at my graduation. I was a Fulbright Scholar. I went to Harvard Graduate School. My father meant well, but his plans stemmed from worldly wisdom. "Church" was an event I put into my schedule, not the fabric of who I was. Amidst many successes that left me feeling empty, I began searching for meaning. My life was turned upside down when I realized how wrong I had been about God and the Church. I had accepted a diluted, unrecognizable version of both. Earnestly studying my Bible and realizing my need for repentance, I committed myself to a relationship with Christ, following his plan for salvation. That was the easy part. Then began the process of peeling away layer upon layer of religiosity. Now 23 years later, He is still stripping away layers of erroneous thinking and revealing to me how to bring greater glory and honor to Him through my thoughts, my actions, my speech, my life. Though I have been blessed in many ways and have a wonderful family, the desire to obey the Lord's commands has led me to a very different path in life than I would have ever imagined. Following Him has not been easy. In fact, it is harder than any of my studies at the best name schools, ever was. Jesus never promises a life of ease. In fact, He calls me to walk counter to the teachings of this society. But in trading in worldly wisdom for His, I have gained full confidence that Jesus Christ is truly the only treasure worth chasing.
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2 Responses to Invitation

  1. carmencummingsblevins says:

    I am so excited to see the girls, I will be there. Carmen

  2. pmink2016 says:

    Please set aside 3 tickets for the Mink’s. We’d love to come!!! Can’t wait to see my girls perform.😆

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