Happy Mother’s Day!

This is for my amazing mommy this Mother’s Day.  I ♥ U!


The leaves are scattered on the ground  

the wind blows softly, gently

two voices in the woods are found

beneath the treetops bending


One girl with youthful eagerness

flits to and fro distracted

but she with focused purpose

points child to His walk perfected


Laughing, weeping, joy midst tears

the narrow road bears few

but at each bend, no matter when

each hums a happy tune


The child’s wanderings lead around

her hopes and life colliding

but mother knows where right is found

and with love keeps uniting


Few travel on this narrow road

pain’s appearance deceiving

but midst storms’ darkest, hardest blow

rain taps rhythms for dancing


This path may lead to right or left

woods may grow dark and sinister

but whether gale or gentle breath

she’ll walk with me as ever


I need this soul to guide and hold

down this path of my discipling

for God has shaped this mother’s mold

in His image to enlighten me


The two will trek, with every breath

mother and daughter joyously

for God above, in infinite love

sent Mommy for life’s journey





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3 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Cosette Moormans says:

    One of my favorite poems is The Road Less Traveled by Robert Frost. That, along with the scripture about the narrow road (Matthew 7:14) and a memory of Mommy and I walking together in the woods, provided the inspiration for the analogy in this poem. My parents have taught me how important it is to walk on His narrow road. They are there with me as my guides and companions on the way. Without them, I probably wouldn’t be walking on “the road less traveled” in the first place. Thank you Daddy and Mommy!


  2. tarawidener says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this Cosette! What a lovely word picture of what the relationship between mother/child should look & feel like. This is the kind of mom I had growing up, and the kind of mother I desire to be for my girls.

    You are such a blessing to everyone around you! 💗

  3. Thank you so much! I am blessed to have such a wonderful inspiration in my mom to bring to mind the words for this poem in the first place. I too hope that I will be able to be a mother like her. =)

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