John Chapter 9 Questions to Ponder

Good day everyone,
I have some questions I would ask you to consider today as you study chapter 9.  I think the answers to these questions will reveal something about God’s character that we may not have considered thus far.
  • How did Jesus heal this man?  What method did he employ?
  • Why did Jesus spit?
  • Why did He use spit to make mud?
  • How much would he have had to spit to make enough mud to cover the man’s eyes?
  • What might the blind man have been thinking when he heard someone spit?
  • Why did Jesus send the blind man to the pool of Siloam?
  • Where was this pool located?  Were there any other water sources he could have sent him to?
  • Do you recall any other incidents in the Bible where Jesus spit?
  • What might the beggar’s journey to the water have been like?  What might he have been thinking?
  • What might those who saw him stumbling through town with mud on his eyes have been thinking?
  • Does what Jesus asks the blind man to do, seem unreasonable?
Looking forward to thinking through these things together!

About andreamoormans

I was raised to be an independent, strong-willed woman. My earthly father prepared me for life by sending me to the best schools. I attended Wellesley College, the same school Hillary Clinton and a host of prominent women attended. Gloria Steinem spoke at my graduation. I was a Fulbright Scholar. I went to Harvard Graduate School. My father meant well, but his plans stemmed from worldly wisdom. "Church" was an event I put into my schedule, not the fabric of who I was. Amidst many successes that left me feeling empty, I began searching for meaning. My life was turned upside down when I realized how wrong I had been about God and the Church. I had accepted a diluted, unrecognizable version of both. Earnestly studying my Bible and realizing my need for repentance, I committed myself to a relationship with Christ, following his plan for salvation. That was the easy part. Then began the process of peeling away layer upon layer of religiosity. Now 23 years later, He is still stripping away layers of erroneous thinking and revealing to me how to bring greater glory and honor to Him through my thoughts, my actions, my speech, my life. Though I have been blessed in many ways and have a wonderful family, the desire to obey the Lord's commands has led me to a very different path in life than I would have ever imagined. Following Him has not been easy. In fact, it is harder than any of my studies at the best name schools, ever was. Jesus never promises a life of ease. In fact, He calls me to walk counter to the teachings of this society. But in trading in worldly wisdom for His, I have gained full confidence that Jesus Christ is truly the only treasure worth chasing.
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